Development Report – 26 April to 23 May 2010

Here are the developments which have taken place in the last 4 weeks (all commits by chrishajer, unless mentioned):


  1. [2426]: Always show database host input on installaation screen. Fixes #1270, props dimadin
  2. [2431]: Link author’s name to their profile page in topic.php. Fixes #1227. Props Nightgunner5, GautamGupta
  3. [2432]: Better statistics page design. Fixes #1232. Props Nightgunner5, GautamGupta


  1. [2422]: Add back in jQuery.noConflict which was inadvertently dropped in changeset 2416. Fixes #1269, reported by Milan Dinic, props GautamGupta
  2. [2423:2424]: If the only post of a topic is deleted, redirect to topic_url?view=all and when undeleting a topic, only undelete that topic’s posts, not all posts. Fixes #1150 – by mdawaffe
  3. [2425]: Never use bb_no_where() on get_thread_where hook. Fixes #1271 – by mdawaffe
  4. [2427:2428]: Allow international characters in forum slugs; new filter editable_slug. Fixes #1257, props Markus Pezold
  5. [2429]: Reported by mr_pelle. Patch in [2414] broke relevant search results. Fixes #1222. Props GautamGupta
  6. [2430]: Fix feed further. Fixes #1261 Props GautamGupta

Also, we have virtually completed the 1.0.3 milestone! 😀 Some more tickets have been opened on the 1.0.3 milestone and we are fixing those.