Weekly Update 9 12 Past Week Added Genesis…

Weekly Update – 9/12

Past Week:

  • Added Genesis helper class to aid in theme compatibility (huge props Jared)
  • Fixed private/hidden forum posts leaking into BuddyPress activity stream
  • Fixed Subscription Notifications sending on Akismet spammed replies
  • Refactored _status_ references to prevent API issues later
  • Reverted Akismet change that caused incorrect post_parent reporting
  • Added user status functions to help with spammed/deleted checks
  • Fixed bb_get_option() bug in 0.9 branch (props _ck_)

This Week:

  • Update bbpdevel styling
  • Update sidebar to reflect new Trac location
  • Package 0.9.1 (see above)
  • Package 1.0.4 (has committed PHP 5.3+ fixes)
  • Package 2.0 RC 5 – Codename “Can we have a pool dad?”
  • Trac triage – Clean out milestones, update reports, and general maintenance
  • Monitor trac per usual
  • Moderate forums per usual

Hope to:

  • Release 2.0 if RC 5 is well received