A few things to keep in mind as…

A few things to keep in mind as bbPress 2.1 is on the cusp of beta.

  • The $bbp global is no longer used; it’s been replaced with a singleton and a function. To use it similarly, do:
    $bbp = bbpress();

    in your class methods or procedural functions. This has the potential to affect plugins that reference the global directly, so please review your code with the bbPress 2.1 plugin branch of code and be prepared to update your plugins if needed.

  • Some of the strings have been tweaked slightly, so translations will need to be adjusted too. For the time being, our translations are a bit behind our releases, and we’ll post something up here as soon as they are available.
  • bbPress 2.1 will completely revamp the way BuddyPress Group forums work. This is mostly complete now, but will probably be incomplete for the first 2.1 beta, which should be packaged up in the next few days.