We’re planning on having our weekly dev chat…

We’re planning on having our weekly dev chat meeting again this week (same time). We took of last week as everyone was busy. Since our last meeting there have been a number of solid commits which you can catch up on via trac if needed.

Things are rolling right along with 2.3. As of now we have 23 tickets open (20 closed) however the majority of those are minor. Here are some of the tickets/topics for this week’s dev chat.

Check in on the big 2.3 features:

  • #1575 – bbPress search (jmdodd). Very solid work so far with some great patches. Should we wait for next pass to be finished to start heavy testing?
  • #1694 – User counter functions for topics/replies (jjj)
  • #1799 – “Bump” functions to replace recounts (jjj). Patch was added a few weeks ago, does it need testing etc?
  • #2036 – Hierarchal replies (jmdodd). Worth punting to 2.4 in favor of letting jmdodd focus on #1575?

Other tickets to discuss:

  • #1478 – Profile pages have error404 class in some cases (jjj). A few work arounds were have been brought up, are any of them solid enough to run with?
  • #2054 – Reset/set CSS styling on some in the bbPress content areas (jared). Patch is posted, needs testing but should be close.
  • #2067 – Firefox bug causing recent topics/replies on profile to not show. Several work arounds posted, just need to pick one and patch it up.
  • #1917 – Tabindex issue. Patch was made and committed  however in certain cases things are still weird which is likely due to the load order or jQuery not being loaded.

That covers the larger tickets. A few other things we can discuss if time allows:

  • Those users having role/cap issues with 2.2.x, what should we be recommending? Is there a reset? Best advice to give?
  • 1 BuddyPress ticket, #2038. OP has steps to reproduce, anyone tried it?
  • #1932 might be a WordPress issue, in which case could be closed/punted?
  • 2 tickets for small documentation things #1920 and #2037.
  • 5 tickets relating to Importers. #1874, #1884, #1899, #2074 and #1991. The latter being the biggest. Some of these will likely get punted.

Lastly, congrats to jmdodd for earning core comit access and a big thanks to those who helped with 2.2.3!