Had a productive dev chat today jjj was…

Had a productive dev chat today. jjj was out but we still covered a few things. You can read the transcript here.

  • #1575 – bbPress search (jmdodd). jmdodd is making very good progress and pressing on. This is going to be a killer feature in 2.3 – I’d say the showcase feature for the release. She said in a week or so she will likely have a very solid patch that will be ready for some heavy testing.
  • #1694 and #1799 – we skipped over these as jjj was out, but they should be mostly done (completely my guesstimate). Will revisit next week.
  • #2036 – Hierarchal replies (jmdodd). Haven’t done much with this since she has been dominated #1575. Depending on the release schedule we decide for 2.3 it can either be punted to 2.4 or attempted for 2.3. General consensus was ideally 2.3 will go out the door sooner than later to let everyone have the search goodness, in which case punting it would be A-OK.
  • #1478 – Profile pages have error404 class in some cases (jjj). Still needs to be looked at and given more thought.
  • #2054 – Reset/set CSS styling on some in the bbPress content areas (jared). Patch needs testing with non-default themes, but should be solid. Are there any other elements we need to reset? jmdodd suggested looking to see what else is in kses.
  • #2067 – Firefox bug causing recent topics/replies on profile to not show. If using the overflow fix does the job, then its a simple CSS change and boom – done.
  • #1917 – Tabindex issue. MZAWeb is going to take the inline JS, move it to a seperate file – possibly topics.js if thats all that is needed – and see if that fixes things so we can close this out (again).
  • netweb is wrangling all those importer tickets and doing some serious damage on them, most should be wrapped up soon.
  • MZAWeb made a great utility for sticking filler content in bbPress and it’s available on GitHub.
  • Lastly we talked about the templates in /extras. It’s been pointed out that some of them are wonky in TwentyTwelve. Nothing major, but slightly annoying. We can try and test them all for 2012 in time for 2.3 or punt to 2.4. Nothing complicated, just tedious as when we perform any fixes we’ll want to check them against 2010/2011 to make sure we aren’t breaking stuff. netweb suggested we do this before BuddyPress 1.7 is live, which means it would need to be done in 2.3.

Until next week!