bbPress dev chat summary April 24, 2013

Since we forgot to whip up a summary of last week’s meeting, I felt compelled to make this week’s thorough 🙂

Tickets worth noting

  • #2036 – Hierarchal replies – jmdodd has put up a monster patch. This feature is ready to testing. Test, test, test. Break it if you can and report back. This is going to be one of the showcase features in 2.4. We are in the fortunate position to have this pretty far along early into the 2.4 release. It would be idea if we could get this tested and committed earlier in the 2.4 cycle thus giving those testing/running trunk and the bbPress Beta plugin time to do further testing.
  • #2283 – Theme compat fixes and resets. bbPress has pretty darn good theme compat as it stands now, but low and behold there are themes out there that put this to the test daily. A good potion of the topics in the support forums are form users who simply activated bbPress and out of the gate the bbPress styes exploded. We’ll never get around this, but we can certainly improve where we can. If this happens on one of your installs please report it in this ticket. There is already a patch to clean up some issues introduced by the search feature as well as theme’s doing weird styling to <ul>s and <li>s.
  • #459 – Making moderation forum specific – jmdodd is going to look at this when #2036 is solid. Another much requested feature. Would be nice to get into 2.4 if possible.
  • #1799, #1649 – ‘bump’ functions and user counters. jjj’s got these covered I believe.


Currently there is a whole slew of tickets that already have patches, 14 at the moment. Hopefully in the next week or so these can but updated/committed as needed which will help thin out the 2.4 milestone.

Posting code

Currently there is a bug when posting code in a topic or reply. If you are not an admin and try to post XML/HTML it will be stripped as those tags will not match the white list available for participants. We’re going to look at what can be done to escape text within <code> blocks before it’s processed by kses. Alex Mills’ SyntaxHighlighter should be a good place to start and we might be able to emulate much of the process based on what he does in his plugin.