bbPress dev chat summary May 1, 2013

Today’s dev chat was very brief. Since last week jjj pushed 2.3.1 which had a few minor fixes.

Notably it contained a fix for posting code and further refined the new back tick feature ( ` ). There is no need to use <code> or <pre> when posting lines/blocks of code, simply wrap the code in a ` (if you use GitHub or Markdown it is the same concept) and we take care of the rest.

Also in 2.3.1 the “visual tab” of the TinyMCE/fancy editor was turned off by default. The visual tab is great in theory but we’ve seen a slew of issues with it such as code being reformatted, mangled, etc. For users who really need it back (and don’t post code in their forums) they can either use this snippet or this plugin to bring back the visual mode.

Aside from the 2.3.1 release we are just moving forward with the 2.4 tickets.

MZAWeb also talked about looking into getting Alex Mill’s SyntaxHighlighter plugin working with bbPress now that we have the code posting sorted out.