bbPress Plugin – Updates

JJJ posted an update on the bbPress plugin on bbPress forums, you may check it out in case you missed it.

bbPress 1.1 – Maybe Soon!

Just an update on what’s going on Trac – bbPress 1.0.3 milestone has 3 tickets left (all the tickets have patches and 1 depends on a BackPress ticket), while 1.1 milestone has 4 tickets left (2 haves patches, and 2 need patches). There’s also another BackPress ticket that needs to be fixed (which also has a patch). That means that bbPress 1.1 is very near to its release!

How can you help?

  1. Checkout a copy of bbPress trunk version via SVN and test it.
  2. Test the patches of the open tickets.
  3. Contribute patches to the tickets which don’t have one.

What’s new in bbPress 1.1?

  1. Email subscriptions
  2. Loginless posting
  3. Better administration of posts and topics
  4. Better search and statistics
  5. Bug fixes. Some critical ones are – #1261 (RSS feeds errors), #1146 (faster recount functions), #1150 (undelete topic error).
  6. Better tags administration (if #1243 goes in)

Some tickets that missed 1.1 milestone are #960 (better user administration) and #1277 (kakumei cleanup) even though they had patches but could cause errors as they were huge changes and needed more testing. They might get into 1.2 though.

Update: bbPress 1.0.3 milestone now only has 1 ticket left, which depends on this BackPress ticket), while 1.1 milestone has 2 tickets left (both need patches). There’s also another BackPress ticket that needs to be fixed (has patch). Also, there would be no tag administration in 1.1.

Development Report – 26 April to 23 May 2010

Here are the developments which have taken place in the last 4 weeks (all commits by chrishajer, unless mentioned):


  1. [2426]: Always show database host input on installaation screen. Fixes #1270, props dimadin
  2. [2431]: Link author’s name to their profile page in topic.php. Fixes #1227. Props Nightgunner5, GautamGupta
  3. [2432]: Better statistics page design. Fixes #1232. Props Nightgunner5, GautamGupta


  1. [2422]: Add back in jQuery.noConflict which was inadvertently dropped in changeset 2416. Fixes #1269, reported by Milan Dinic, props GautamGupta
  2. [2423:2424]: If the only post of a topic is deleted, redirect to topic_url?view=all and when undeleting a topic, only undelete that topic’s posts, not all posts. Fixes #1150 – by mdawaffe
  3. [2425]: Never use bb_no_where() on get_thread_where hook. Fixes #1271 – by mdawaffe
  4. [2427:2428]: Allow international characters in forum slugs; new filter editable_slug. Fixes #1257, props Markus Pezold
  5. [2429]: Reported by mr_pelle. Patch in [2414] broke relevant search results. Fixes #1222. Props GautamGupta
  6. [2430]: Fix feed further. Fixes #1261 Props GautamGupta

Also, we have virtually completed the 1.0.3 milestone! 😀 Some more tickets have been opened on the 1.0.3 milestone and we are fixing those. Gets a New Look

This is just to tell you that has been given a new theme, made by Sam (check here). Noël has implemented it after working on it for a few weeks. There are still problems with the plugin section, which would get worked out in the coming days. 🙂

Fortnight Development Report – 12 April to 25 April 2010

Only two tickets have been fixed in the last 14 days, here’s the report (all commits by chrishajer):

  1. [2420]: RSS feed validation code changes. (You will need to update any custom theme.) Fixes #1181. Props sambauers, GautamGupta
  2. [2421]: Administrators should not be able to delete or edit keymasters. Fixes #1201. Props GautamGupta

By the way, only 1 ticket is left for the 1.0.3 milestone :D.

Weekly Development Report – 5 April to 11 April 2010

Not much development happened this week, here’s the report (all commits by chrishajer):

  1. [2417]: Add throttle time setting to Options Writing admin screen. Fixes #1185. Props Nightgunner5, _ck_
  2. [2418]: Text fields background color CSS fixes for Opera 10.50. Fixes #1263. Props jurasiks, GautamGupta
  3. [2419]: Check bb_ksd_pre_post_status before sending out “subscribe to topic” notifications”. Fixes #1233, props Nightgunner5

By the way, we are reaching closer to the 1.0.3 milestone – 42 out of 45 tickets have been closed, 3 are pending out of which 2 are critical and 2 have patches.

Weekly Development Report – 30 March to 4 April 2010

In this week, there have been only bug fixes and enhancement commits, here is the list (all by chrishajer):

  1. [2409]: Add filters to bb_title. Fixes #1184 – Props Nightgunner5, GautamGupta
  2. [2410]: Cleanup array_merge PHP5 warning when pingbacks are enabled by typecasting array. Fixes #1214, props Gautam Gupta
  3. [2411]: Add arguments to bb_topic_admin filter. Fixes #1237 props Nightgunner5, GIGALinux
  4. [2412]: Set default timezone in PHP 5. Fixes #1241. Props GIGALinux, GautamGupta
  5. [2413]: Fix Relevant Post links in search results. Fixes #1222. Props GautamGupta
  6. [2415]: Swap lines in bb-post.php to allow plugin to modify permalinks without modifying core. Fixes #1192, props GIGALinux
  7. [2416]: Load latest (1.4.2) jQuery, and whitespace fixes. Fixes #1173. Props GautamGupta

And here’s a good news! Milestone 1.0.3 is about to complete! Check all the tickets for 1.0.3 milestone here.