Some notes from today * 2.5 is overdue…

Some notes from today:

  • 2.5 is overdue. Going to concentrate on existing patches while @netweb works on importer tickets.
  • Everything else needing significant attention will get bumped to 2.6.
  • We want to get 2.5 out asap, before the holiday rush and break starts.

bbPress dev chat summary Jan 9, 2013

bbPress dev chat summary Jan 9, 2013

We started of in the new #bbpress-dev dedicated channel for core talk albeit a little later than normal due to a schedule conflict with #wordpress-dev, more on that later.

It was a rather quiet chat this week as there were only three of us, @johnjamesjacoby, @jmdodd and myself @netweb. As ‘rez-bot’ had not yet joined #bbpress-dev there’s no irc log this week, here’s the highlights.

  • @JJJ kicked things off by punting some of the big tickets to 2.4 which leaves us with this lot for 2.3 and on schedule for a Jan 31 release.
  • @jmdodd is kicking goals with #2036 Hierarchical replies and @johnjamesjacoby is also helping out.
  • Adding support for images in topics and replies, the code is in, now to decide if default is on or off? (Leave a comment below)
  • Storing currently unused user profile meta imported from other forums for later use with potential inclusion in future versions of bbPress.

The weekly #wordpress-dev IRC chats are also now scheduled Wednesday’s @ 21:00 UTC (previously it was 20:00 UTC). What are your thoughts on times? Push it back an hour?