bbPress 2.3 is out Let’s take a few…

bbPress 2.3 is out! Let’s take a few days off and talk on Wednesday about 2.4.

Few things for 2.4:

  • Per-forum moderators
  • Storing user ID’s in the voices topic meta
  • Switching last_active meta to be post_modified_date, to speed up topics queries
  • Bump functions to avoid expensive recounting
  • Hierarchical replies
  • Better Akismet feedback and UI
  • Do we want to a slot in GSoC under the WordPress org?

bbPress 2.3 release is imminent Last chance to…

bbPress 2.3 release is imminent. Last chance to sneak anything in!

bbPress 2.3 RC1

bbPress 2.3 RC1 has now been released 🙂

You can check out the finer details from @JohnJamesJacoby on the bbPress blog here.

It would be great if you could:

  • Test all the things…
  • Test your themes…
  • Test your plugins…
  • Test your site…

If you find a bug please post a ticket

bbPress dev chat summary Jan 9, 2013

bbPress dev chat summary Jan 9, 2013

We started of in the new #bbpress-dev dedicated channel for core talk albeit a little later than normal due to a schedule conflict with #wordpress-dev, more on that later.

It was a rather quiet chat this week as there were only three of us, @johnjamesjacoby, @jmdodd and myself @netweb. As ‘rez-bot’ had not yet joined #bbpress-dev there’s no irc log this week, here’s the highlights.

  • @JJJ kicked things off by punting some of the big tickets to 2.4 which leaves us with this lot for 2.3 and on schedule for a Jan 31 release.
  • @jmdodd is kicking goals with #2036 Hierarchical replies and @johnjamesjacoby is also helping out.
  • Adding support for images in topics and replies, the code is in, now to decide if default is on or off? (Leave a comment below)
  • Storing currently unused user profile meta imported from other forums for later use with potential inclusion in future versions of bbPress.

The weekly #wordpress-dev IRC chats are also now scheduled Wednesday’s @ 21:00 UTC (previously it was 20:00 UTC). What are your thoughts on times? Push it back an hour?

Updated bbPress org to latest trunk which includes…

Updated to latest trunk, which includes some tweaks to posting code, and some preliminary forum searching abilities (courtesy of jmdodd.)

I’ll be tweaking the site templates and CSS to make it fit the site more appropriately.

We’re going to be taking a break from…

We’re going to be taking a break from our weekly dev chats for a few weeks to enjoy the holidays. We’ll pick up things again on Wednesday January 2nd, 2013.

The new search feature (#1575) is in trunk so feel free to have some fun with that. Hope everyone has a great Festivus 😉

Had a productive dev chat today jjj was…

Had a productive dev chat today. jjj was out but we still covered a few things. You can read the transcript here.

  • #1575 – bbPress search (jmdodd). jmdodd is making very good progress and pressing on. This is going to be a killer feature in 2.3 – I’d say the showcase feature for the release. She said in a week or so she will likely have a very solid patch that will be ready for some heavy testing.
  • #1694 and #1799 – we skipped over these as jjj was out, but they should be mostly done (completely my guesstimate). Will revisit next week.
  • #2036 – Hierarchal replies (jmdodd). Haven’t done much with this since she has been dominated #1575. Depending on the release schedule we decide for 2.3 it can either be punted to 2.4 or attempted for 2.3. General consensus was ideally 2.3 will go out the door sooner than later to let everyone have the search goodness, in which case punting it would be A-OK.
  • #1478 – Profile pages have error404 class in some cases (jjj). Still needs to be looked at and given more thought.
  • #2054 – Reset/set CSS styling on some in the bbPress content areas (jared). Patch needs testing with non-default themes, but should be solid. Are there any other elements we need to reset? jmdodd suggested looking to see what else is in kses.
  • #2067 – Firefox bug causing recent topics/replies on profile to not show. If using the overflow fix does the job, then its a simple CSS change and boom – done.
  • #1917 – Tabindex issue. MZAWeb is going to take the inline JS, move it to a seperate file – possibly topics.js if thats all that is needed – and see if that fixes things so we can close this out (again).
  • netweb is wrangling all those importer tickets and doing some serious damage on them, most should be wrapped up soon.
  • MZAWeb made a great utility for sticking filler content in bbPress and it’s available on GitHub.
  • Lastly we talked about the templates in /extras. It’s been pointed out that some of them are wonky in TwentyTwelve. Nothing major, but slightly annoying. We can try and test them all for 2012 in time for 2.3 or punt to 2.4. Nothing complicated, just tedious as when we perform any fixes we’ll want to check them against 2010/2011 to make sure we aren’t breaking stuff. netweb suggested we do this before BuddyPress 1.7 is live, which means it would need to be done in 2.3.

Until next week!

We’re planning on having our weekly dev chat…

We’re planning on having our weekly dev chat meeting again this week (same time). We took of last week as everyone was busy. Since our last meeting there have been a number of solid commits which you can catch up on via trac if needed.

Things are rolling right along with 2.3. As of now we have 23 tickets open (20 closed) however the majority of those are minor. Here are some of the tickets/topics for this week’s dev chat.

Check in on the big 2.3 features:

  • #1575 – bbPress search (jmdodd). Very solid work so far with some great patches. Should we wait for next pass to be finished to start heavy testing?
  • #1694 – User counter functions for topics/replies (jjj)
  • #1799 – “Bump” functions to replace recounts (jjj). Patch was added a few weeks ago, does it need testing etc?
  • #2036 – Hierarchal replies (jmdodd). Worth punting to 2.4 in favor of letting jmdodd focus on #1575?

Other tickets to discuss:

  • #1478 – Profile pages have error404 class in some cases (jjj). A few work arounds were have been brought up, are any of them solid enough to run with?
  • #2054 – Reset/set CSS styling on some in the bbPress content areas (jared). Patch is posted, needs testing but should be close.
  • #2067 – Firefox bug causing recent topics/replies on profile to not show. Several work arounds posted, just need to pick one and patch it up.
  • #1917 – Tabindex issue. Patch was made and committed  however in certain cases things are still weird which is likely due to the load order or jQuery not being loaded.

That covers the larger tickets. A few other things we can discuss if time allows:

  • Those users having role/cap issues with 2.2.x, what should we be recommending? Is there a reset? Best advice to give?
  • 1 BuddyPress ticket, #2038. OP has steps to reproduce, anyone tried it?
  • #1932 might be a WordPress issue, in which case could be closed/punted?
  • 2 tickets for small documentation things #1920 and #2037.
  • 5 tickets relating to Importers. #1874, #1884, #1899, #2074 and #1991. The latter being the biggest. Some of these will likely get punted.

Lastly, congrats to jmdodd for earning core comit access and a big thanks to those who helped with 2.2.3!

In lieu of a dev chat this week…

In lieu of a dev chat this week, I went through and prioritized our milestones in Trac.

  • Created 2.4 milestone.
  • Thinned out 2.3 milestone by moving some things to 2.4.
  • Cleaned up some Future Release tickets.
  • Fixed everything in 2.2.3 and a few 2.3 stragglers.

If you’d like to help out, assign yourself to a ticket, and get to patchin!

bbPress dev chat summary Nov 21 2012 2.2.3…

bbPress dev chat summary Nov 21, 2012

  • 2.2.3 Ready to go with some minor patches, just waiting so not so many updates being pushed
  • Look towards getting 2.3 out the door ‘this year’
  • #1917 tabindex issue on new topic form – JS & jQuery
  • #1905 Subscribe/Favourite ajax links issue – JS & jQuery
  • #1835 Redirected to forum list after creatiing a reply
  • #1889 Option to delete imported users when performing ‘Reset Forum’
  • #1430 Show pingbacks on topic page <- UI concerns Widget? Template? Sidebar? Show/Hide?
  • Raising importance of ‘Search’ for bbPress 2.3 over ‘Per Forum Moderation’
  • Adding a svn sync of bbPress trunk to GitHub using org account
  • Updating bbPress Forum Importers (Conversion & BBCode conversion) for 2.3 release
  • Bring 'unit testing' to bbPress in 2013 REF:

The full chat log is here