Picked through some initial 2.3 tickets today fixed…

Picked through some initial 2.3 tickets today, fixed some things that were annoying for a while, but not worthy of a 2.2.3 release.

Most importantly is the usage of extract() which is now forbidden from being used in bbPress core going forward. It’s confusing for developers and opens the door to undefined/unused variables.

There were 43 usages in all that were cleaned up, all through out the code base. None of this clean-up effected existing patches that I saw, and since 2.3 will introduce some new functionality, it was important to get these changes in early so future patches don’t go stale.

Tagged bbPress 2.1 Beta 1 yesterday If y’all…

Tagged bbPress 2.1 Beta 1 yesterday. If y’all would be kind enough to kick the tires, I’d be forever grateful.

In the coming weeks we’ll be moving the…

In the coming weeks we’ll be moving the 2.x branch of code into the /trunk of the svn repository. If you have any automated installations currently linked to /trunk, you’ll want to switch them to run the 1.1 branch going forward.

Lots of work has gone into bbPress 2.1 over the past few months, so I’ve updated the sidebar here with links to the 2.1 milestone, removed the 1.x dev cycle widget, and turned on logged out follow.

Goal is to release 2.1 near mid March.

Weekly Update – 9 21 Past Week *…

Weekly Update – 9/21

Past Week:

  • Updated bbpdevel styling
  • Updated bbpdevel sidebar
  • Shipped bbPress
  • Shipped bbPress 1.0.4
  • Shipped bbPress 1.1
  • Shipped bbPress 2.0
  • Trac triage

This Week:

  • Monitor trac/twitte/forums for fires
  • Take a break

#break, #shipping, #trac

bbPress Trac got a bit of a facelift…

bbPress Trac got a bit of a facelift today to bring it in line with core Trac. You now have keyword management, Gravatar support, a fresh coat of paint, and After the Deadline support. You’ll also see a notice when creating a ticket, and will be forced to preview it. When uploading an attachment, you’ll be explicitly granting its use. Probably some other goodies too.

Let me know if there are any bugs. The color could probably use a tweak as it’s used on so much text, which we can do next week.

Weekly Development Report – 5 April to 11 April 2010

Not much development happened this week, here’s the report (all commits by chrishajer):

  1. [2417]: Add throttle time setting to Options Writing admin screen. Fixes #1185. Props Nightgunner5, _ck_
  2. [2418]: Text fields background color CSS fixes for Opera 10.50. Fixes #1263. Props jurasiks, GautamGupta
  3. [2419]: Check bb_ksd_pre_post_status before sending out “subscribe to topic” notifications”. Fixes #1233, props Nightgunner5

By the way, we are reaching closer to the 1.0.3 milestone – 42 out of 45 tickets have been closed, 3 are pending out of which 2 are critical and 2 have patches.

Weekly Development Report – 30 March to 4 April 2010

In this week, there have been only bug fixes and enhancement commits, here is the list (all by chrishajer):

  1. [2409]: Add filters to bb_title. Fixes #1184 – Props Nightgunner5, GautamGupta
  2. [2410]: Cleanup array_merge PHP5 warning when pingbacks are enabled by typecasting array. Fixes #1214, props Gautam Gupta
  3. [2411]: Add arguments to bb_topic_admin filter. Fixes #1237 props Nightgunner5, GIGALinux
  4. [2412]: Set default timezone in PHP 5. Fixes #1241. Props GIGALinux, GautamGupta
  5. [2413]: Fix Relevant Post links in search results. Fixes #1222. Props GautamGupta
  6. [2415]: Swap lines in bb-post.php to allow plugin to modify permalinks without modifying core. Fixes #1192, props GIGALinux
  7. [2416]: Load latest (1.4.2) jQuery, and whitespace fixes. Fixes #1173. Props GautamGupta

And here’s a good news! Milestone 1.0.3 is about to complete! Check all the tickets for 1.0.3 milestone here.

New Features and Bug Fixes in bbPress 1.1

Here is a list of new features/tasks in bbPress 1.1:

  1. Subscribe to Topic [2384:2388] – by matt
  2. Anonymous Posting [2390] – by filosofo
  3. Bulk edit for topics and posts in admin section [2398] – by mdawaffe

Here are the fixed bugs/enhancements (all by sambaeurs, unless mentioned):

  1. [2349]: Better looking move topic form, fixes #1164.
  2. [2350]: Fix spelling. Fixes #1171. Props filosofo.
  3. [2351]: Make post form topic title maklength match length of column in MySQL. Fixes #1166.
  4. [2352]: Filter the list of stats. Fixes #1169.
  5. [2352:2356]: Faster recounting, see #1146. Props _ck_.
  6. [2357]: Remove check and throttle from cron. Fixes #1177.
  7. [2359]: Add filters to user facing email messages and subjects. Remove password reset security bug/annoyance.
  8. [2361]:  Put User ID into user list in admin as a title on the username. Fixes #1154.
  9. [2362]: Make actual date of last post a title attribute on the freshness column.
  10. [2363]: Tidy up a deprecated function.
  11. [2364]: Try getting the user by both username and ID when fetching profiles. Fixes #1179.
  12. [2365]: Properly deal with backwards compatibility in post_form(). Fixes #1178.
  13. [2366]: Use a blank key instead of the default string when no KEY constant is specified in bb_salt() and friends. Fixed in a different way, but props to bobrik for report and initial patch. Fixes #1180.
  14. [2367:2369]: Make input name for “remember” checkbox common with WordPress and deal with legacy checkboxes.
  15. [2370]: Add a “lostpassword” action to the default login form in the header.
  16. [2371]: Full URL redirecting from bb_auth()
  17. [2372]: Standardize login input names with WordPress login input names.
  18. [2373]: Force indentation on timezone selector options (since non-breaking spaces are now gone). Only matters in some browsers.
  19. [2374]: Put the RSS feed description into CDATA. Fixes #1181. Will be reversed, see #1181.
  20. [2376]: Typo in forum exclusion in get_latest_topics() – by mdawaffe
  21. [2377]: Make sure recent search is ordered by post_time. – by mdawaffe
  22. [2381:2383]: Warning-free – by matt
  23. [2384]: Format big numbers with commas. – by matt
  24. [2391]: Restore omitted global objects. Props Gautam Gupta. Fixes #1231. – by filosofo
  25. [2392]: Remove comma splice. – by filosofo
  26. [2393]: If dir() didn’t take, don’t try to read it. – by mdawaffe
  27. [2394] & [2397]: Fix redirect on topic deletion. Fixes #1245. – by mdawaffe
  28. [2394:2396]: PHP Notices – by mdawaffe
  29. [2399]: Add bb_query_form_inputs filter to allow additional form inputs in BB_Query_Form. Fixes #1250. – by mdawaffe
  30. [2400]: Typo: let the name/id autogenerate to the correct values – by mdawaffe
  31. [2401]: Typo: init_roles is an action, not a filter – by mdawaffe
  32. [2402]: Fixes #1199, props ashfame, chipbennett – by chrishajer
  33. [2403]: Set 0755 folder permissions for my-templates and my-plugins upon creation. Fixes #1139 props GautamGupta – by chrishajer
  34. [2404]: Supply global tag page when trying to access a non-existent tag. fixes #1197 props delayedinsanity, GautamGupta – by chrishajer
  35. [2405]: Replace “wanna” with “want to” in delete/undelete confirmation messages. fixes #1258, props bhcarpenter – by chrishajer
  36. [2407]: Fix code to allow moderator access to existing Akismet stats menu item. Fixes #1216, props waclawjacek, hpguru, Nightgunner5 – by chrishajer
  37. [2408]: Link ‘%s ago’ to the actual post in profile pages. Enhancement fixes #1251, props Gautam Gupta – by chrishajer

These changes are from 12 August 2009 till today, i.e. 30 March 2010. Please tell me if I have missed anything.